Apple Represent 17% Of Worldwide PC Sales

iPad PCYou can probably imagine that Apple as a company is very proud, this is because of the record breaking quarter that they had in Q4 2011. They were recently named the “most valuable company” in the world and the number one smartphone maker, but it appears that they have been ‘awarded’ another trophy to treasure on. They have been named as the number one PC maker in the world. This is quite an achievement on Apple’s part.

An analysis/research firm called Canalys reports that Apple sold 15 million iPads and 5 million Macs in Q4 2011. If you add the two up and count the iPad in as a ‘PC’ then that means that Apple represents 17% of the quarterly PC sales worldwide.

These very impressive numbers could represent a few things. They show that Apple is dominating the tablet market with the iPad. But more so, it is very apparent that the reality of computing is heading in the direction of mobility and being portable, it is estimated that in a few years laptops and tablets will be so versatile and powerful, like the traditional desktop computer is today, that desktops themselves will become very nearly obsolete.


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