iPhone Battery Life: 4 Quick Tips

“Siri, what in the world is wrong with my iPhone’s battery life?” This is what I found myself asking my “personal assistant” after a couple of days with fighting with my new iPhone 4S battery. She didn’t answer of course, but if she could, I can think of 4 easy things she would have told me to try. I’m here to pass those along to you.

1. Do not use location based reminders: While this feature can sometimes be proven very useful, it can seriously drain your battery, since your iPhone constantly monitors your location to activate your reminders. This is a feature that can be done without, and should be until a permanent fix is found to repair the battery life issue.

2. Turn off location services: Turn off all of the location services you aren’t using. You can do this by going to General Settings -> Location Services. Also go into your system services and disable “Location-based iAds” and “Setting TIme Zone.”

3. Reset network settings: This will not delete any data on your phone at all. You will be asked to reenter Wi-Fi passwords after completing. General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

4. Disable Siri’s Raise to Speak Feature: This is a feature that monitors your phones light sensor to activate Siri when you raise the phone to your ear. In my opinion, utilizing the home button by holding it down is a fine way to activate your new “personal assistant.” This one is easy; go to Settings > General > Siri > Turn off raise to speak.

These swift tricks should greatly enhance your battery life. Keep in mind that Apple is investigating a fix on this battery issue, and it shouldn’t be long until you can go back to utilizing these couple of features to their full abilities very soon.

Until next time, feel free to email any iPhone questions to steven_morgan@me.com.

“Siri, submit post”