How to – Get New Multi-touch Gestures Without Paying

multitaskingYou must have heard about those cool new multi touch gestures that Apple is testing. To apply those new features, you need to have a Mac and get XCode for $4.99. By following the below steps, you can experience those gestures without having to pay $4.99 and without a Mac.

You need a jailbroken device for this. Follow the below steps, and your device will soon be capable of handling those gestures.

1. Go to Cydia
2. Hit the sources tab in Cydia
3. Tap on Edit at the top-right corner, and add as a source
4. Search for “MT Gestures WB”
5. Install it, and let your device re-boot
6. After your device reboots, go to Settings, and tap Winterboard
7. Under Winterboard, tap the “YOUR DEVICE Gestures” column, and you’re done.

With this you can enjoy those multitasking features on your device. If you are not aware of those gestures, look at the video below.

Disclaimer – You are solely responsible for the above.