Top 5 Text Editors With Dropbox Sync for iPad

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In recent times, there has been a flood of simple document creation apps that support Dropbox sync. The concept is extraordinary and allows for creation of quick documents that are always synced with Dropbox and can be viewed quickly from almost anywhere using any device.

In this section, we will highlight the best of such Apps that would make content creation on your iPad simple and efficient.

writings hd

1. Writings HD – Featuring loads of customization options and an intuitive and gorgeous user interface, Writings HD is an amazing document creation App available for the iPad. You can choose from a variety of available fonts, adjust the page width, play with colors and choose the font size in this App. Dropbox sync is smooth, but at times you need to manually tap the “Sync with Dropbox” button. Also includes an inbuilt spell checker, letter counter and support for iOS 4.2. Overall, Writings HD makes creating content fun. Price – $4.99


2. Elements With Dropbox Sync – Elements by SecondGear Software is yet another powerful document creator with high customizable options. You can easily create documents, customize them, and sync them with Dropbox. Price – $4.99

3. iA Writer – A brilliant App that adds an additional keyboard giving you extra control over your words. Brilliant typography, additional keyboard functionalities, remarkable user interface and sensational dropbox integration make the App a chart topper. The App features a wondrous keyboard built specially for creating documents and has buttons that let you move the cursor to the next word or the word before by just a tap. The keyboard is stunning and is the main reason behind the App’s success. Price – $4.99


4. PlainText – A simple and efficient text editor for the iPad with a clear user interface and elegant controls. All your documents are placed on the left pane, while your selected document is available for editing on the right. By just tapping a button, you can take the document on which you are working to full-screen mode. Does not allow you to customize the font size, color or type. Comes with an inbuilt word counter and supports folders.

Price – Free (with ads); $4.99 (without ads)


5. Notesy for Dropbox – Notesy has been designed for both the iPhone and the iPad and can be downloaded from the App Store for $1.99. You can create a document on Notesy and then sync it with your Dropbox account to access it anywhere. A good design, easy-to-use interface and seamless Dropbox collaboration makes Notesy.

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