Iomega’s iPhone Data Backup and Charging Dock

iomega superhero

Iomega’s new SuperHero is an iPhone/iPod touch dock with a built in 4GB SD card that helps you back up your precious photos and contacts from your iPhone. If you can’t sync your phone with iTunes regularly, this dock can be extremely helpful as it would backup all your pictures and contacts to a built in SD card and even charge your device.

Simply install the SuperHero App on your iPhone (including the iPhone 4, 3GS, and 3G models) or iPod Touch (third and fourth generations) and connect the device to the dock.


Once you’ve connected the device, the SuperHero App will be fired up and your data would be backed up instantly. The App also features a magical “Restore” button that would allow you to restore your photos and contacts to a new device – in case something creepy happened to your earlier one.

The SuperHero is priced at $70.