Extension of the Week – EyeDropper


The web is just so beautiful with amazing typography, jaw dropping colors, gorgeous images and speedy videos. Web Developers are often inspired by other web sites and try to include some of the features into their own site. If you are a developer, how many times have you navigated to a site and asked which color is that?

If often, EyeDropper is the answer to your question. EyeDropper is a neat extension for Google Chrome which can make the process of web site designing extremely simple. Once the extension is installed, simply click on it and it would automatically display the colors it could detect from the opened website. If the color detected is not what you want, you can click on the magical “Pick Color from Webpage” button. You can then navigate to any area of the page and the corresponding color code would be displayed in the bottom-right of your screen. The magical thing about the “Pick color from Webpage” button is that it can even pick colors from images and text.

color picker eyedropper

It also features a color picker which can be extremely useful for web developers. The extension uses the jPicker jQuery plugin for its functioning. You can get it from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9.8/10

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