Extension of the Week – Trash Can

trash can chrome

Trash Can is a versatile and helpful extension for Chrome that saves your time by allowing you to quickly re-open tabs that you recently closed. If you accidentally closed a particular tab or want to reopen the last web application that you were using instantly, Trash Can will be helpful for you.

The extension is very basic, but really powerful. Keyboard fanatics would already be using the keyboard shortcut for opening the last opened application, but with Trash Can, you can easily view all your last closed tabs and restore them with ease. Further more, there is no limit on how many tabs can be remembered and using the extension is simple.

extension trashcan

The developer even has further plans with it and we can hope to see incognito mode support, multiple window support and option to save tabs between sessions added soon.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 8/10

Trash Can for Google Chrome Extension [Download Link].