Extension of the Week – StayFocusd


How many times have you logged on to the internet and have thought that you won’t just troll, but do some work? Sites like Facebook, Google, Gmail and Twitter have taken hours of your precious time? StayFocusd would come to your rescue.

stayfocusd screen

StayFocusd is a handy extension developed by Transfusion Media that aims to keep you productive by helping you to stay focused on your work and therefore save time. Once you are on a site that you are highly addicted to, simply pop the extension and click on “Block this Site”. The site will be blocked by default for 10 minutes throughout the day, but you can always change the timer settings.

After you have spent 10 minutes on the blocked site, you would be automatically redirected to the StayFocusd site and a message like “Shouldn’t you be working” would appear. If you have blocked a site using StayFocusd, you cannot access it for the day. You can always adjust the settings including the timer, blocked sites, allowed sites and more.

There is one unique option under the StayFocusd options menu that comes as a surprise. The option is dubbed as “The Nuclear Option”. Activating the option blocks EVERY site on the internet for a specified period of time. Gosh!

The extension can be downloaded from the Chrome extensions gallery. Have you tried the extension yet? What are your thoughts about it?

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 8.7/10

Stay Focusd for Google Chrome [Download Link]