Evernote Adds iOS 4.2 Compatibility


Developers are working hard to add support for multitasking to their Apps and make their creations compatible with the new version of iOS for iPad and iPhone – iOS 4.2.

Evernote has issued an update to its iOS application that makes it compatible with iOS 4.2.

evernote feature

The ultimate note taking application also adds a few new features that make using Evernote even more fun. Evernote for iOS version 3.4 allows you to multi-select images for upload from your Camera Roll and send them to Evernote. The App also allows its users to record audio notes worth 90 minutes on their iOS device.

Taking full advantage of the multitasking feature, Evernote now allows users to play audio from their Evernote account while concentrating on some other task. If you are viewing a PDF, TXT, HTML, WAV, MP3 or any other recognized formats, you can easily choose to open it via Evernote.


Moreover, Evernote has added the capability to print notes using AirPrint. To use AirPrint, the printer needs to be on Apple’s AirPrint network and you need to have iTunes 10.1.

Stay tuned and we will inform you of other major apps that add iOS 4.2 functionality.