Extension of the Week – Wikipedia Companion


Wikipedia Companion is a Wikipedia client for Google Chrome that aims to give users access to Wikipedia easily and quickly. Wikipedia Companion describes itself as a fully featured Mini Wiki Browser that is multi-lingual, saves your recent wiki lookups and more.

To get started, you can click on the extension icon on your omnibox and do a quick Wikipedia search using the in-built search bar. The extension opens up the Wikipedia entry in the extension window itself, but you can choose to open it in a new tab using the “Open in Tab” button. You can also click on links within articles and navigate back or forward using the buttons in the extension.

wikipedia companion settings

Wikipedia Companion is also available in many different languages and you can specify your desired language using the options menu. You can also customize the font size and the popup window width via the Options menu.

The extension is amazingly useful and a must-have for every Wikipedia and Chrome user.

Wikipedia Companion for Chrome [Download Link]