How to – Get Started with iTunes 10 and Ping [SCREENSHOT TOUR]

Steve Jobs launched iTunes 10 and Ping (a social network for music) yesterday. iTunes 10 is available for download today and the social network for music can be accessed from within iTunes. We have put together some pictures and information that will help you get started with Ping and shows you what’s new in iTunes 10.

Download and Install iTunes 10

If you are lucky, iTunes 10 should be available for download today and you could get it from here or open your current version of iTunes, click help and Check for Updates.

Turn on Ping

Once iTunes 10 is installed, wait for Ping to load. Ping will shortly appear beneath the iTunes Store in iTunes. As soon as Ping appears, Click on Ping, turn it on and sign in to your iTunes account to activate it.

Fill in your Information

Once activated, Ping will confirm your contact information and update your profile. You also need to choose up to 3 genres that suite your needs.

Adjust Privacy Settings

Apple is very particular about privacy and lets you customize your privacy settings before you get started. You could change your privacy settings later too.

You Are Done!

Do the above steps and you are done. Ping will take you to your home page and you could now follow artists and friends, create a friends circle and get concert listings. iTunes will also recommend some artists that you could follow or you could even use the integrate search bar to search for people.

What’s new in iTunes 10

iTunes reached version 10 yesterday and the new version has some great features, a sleek design and is a bit fast. iTunes even got a new logo that finally ditched the CD.

Though there is nothing completely new (except Ping), here are a few features you’d notice once your fire up iTunes.

Better Design

The left panel of iTunes now has a better design and new icons. It is neatly designed and looks great. Surprisingly, it is fast and responds well to user actions. Navigating is now easier than before.

List View

Apart from the three different views that iTunes offers, there will be now a fourth option. List View lets you view all your songs with album arts, album name, file name and number of times played.

Sync in Steps

When you connect your iPad or iPhone, iTunes now synchronizes your device step wise. iTunes now takes up to 5 steps to successfully synchronize your device.

Better Space Usage Information

The area that displays the hard disk space of your iDevice is now improved and looks elegant.


AirPlay allows you to stream music and video from iTunes to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

$0.99 Rentals

You could now rent your favorite TV shows in HD for only $0.99 an episode.

Better Syncing