AppSpark – Grazing Web Browser for iPad

A new browser dubbed “Grazing Web Browser” hit the App Store recently and it completely redefines browsing on iPad. Tabbed Browsing is so much fun and there has been nothing like this before.

The browser is powerful with great features loaded onto it. The experience of tabbed browsing is phenomenal and can be used in both portrait and landscape mode. It divides your screen in two parts just like most of the native iPad applications and puts your open tabs on the left side while your web-pages appear in the right. In portrait mode, a button named Tabs pops up all your open tabs and lets you access any one of them instantly.

The search bar is revolutionary and allows you to search using your preferred search engine or favorite website including Twitter, IMDB, Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha and more. There is no better search experience than Grazing.

You could also use the search bar to find words within a page by using the in-page feature. You could also highlight a word and use the search bar to find it quickly.

Multi-touch gestures have been re-imagined and you could double tap to switch between tabs, open tabs in the background, tap with three fingers to enable Thumbpad (a feature that lets your thumb do the browsing) and more. Though the browser is unique, it appears to be slow at times and tabs take time to load.

Grazing Web Browser [iTunes Link] is for $1.99 and can be downloaded from the App Store. Check out the video posted by AppSpark to see the App in action. For more amazing browsers check out our post on “Top 5 Browsers for iPad“.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9.5/10