Extension of the Week – eBay


The official eBay extension for Google Chrome gives users instant access to their favorite online shopping site. The extension is versatile, fast and easy to use.

With eBay for Chrome, eBay users can easily search for an item using the in-built search bar. Searching for an item using the extension will open up the eBay page in the browser and not in the extension itself.

ebay extension

With instant notifications, you will never miss a deal. The extension also simplifies the buying and selling experience.

eBay fanatics won’t be extremely pleased with the offering. You need to log-in to see stuff on the extension page. It does not feature the hot deals for the day or the most popular items.
ebay extension2

Once signed in, it will show you the items you are bidding on or the things you’ve purchased. Overall the extension is neat but not as powerful as the Firefox version. What do you feel? Do leave your reviews in the comments section below.