Top 5 Browsers for iPad [Ultimate Guide]

Best iPad Browsers

Apple has finally loosened its firm grip on the App Store and now all kinds of Apps are available for iOS devices. iPad is certainly the best way to browse the web and with so many amazing browsers with different functionalities available, it is hard to make the right choice.

We tested almost all browsers available for the iPad on the Store and have put together the pros and cons of the best browsers along with a host of pictures that would help you choose the best one suited for your needs.

Here are the Top 5 Browsers for iPad –

Atomic Web Browser iPad

1. Atomic Web Browser – The Atomic Web Browser has a great design and is really powerful. It is highly customizable and extremely tweak-able. The icon looks neat and the browser has loads of great features. The browser supports tabs and with the dazzling multitouch capability, switching between tabs is easy and fun. You could even choose between a variety of user agents and enable desktop web rendering. The browser even lets you apply your own theme and thus make it personal.

It has a great AdBlock feature that blocks Ads on almost all websites and presents a clean and ad-free site. You could easily add bookmarks and save pages for offline reading. Once a page is saved, the complete page along with the pictures is available for offline reading. Unfortunately, the browser does not support a scroll bar and you need to use the traditional iOS scroll method to scroll within pages.

Pros –
Great Design
Amazing Features
Multitouch support
Facebook and Twitter Integration
Fullscreen mode

Cons –
No Scrollbar
Problem while displaying JavaScript content. (Sometimes)

Mercury Web Browser

2. Mercury Web Browser – We’ve covered this browser earlier. Mercury Web Browser completely resembles the desktop version of Safari and has great features along with a sleek UI. The browser supports tabs and has the Top Sites feature available in Safari. You could even view webpages in fullscreen and multiple tabs can load and render simultaneously.

The browser gives you three options for startup which includes Top Sites, Bookmarks or Saved Tabs. It has a unique download manager which lets you download almost anything from the web. You could save webpages for future reading and the images from the page are also saved.

Pros –
Resembles Desktop Safari
Smooth Scroll Bar
Download Manager

Cons –
Slow Startup

3. Perfect Browser for iPad – This is a great browser with an excellent UI. It has an appreciable scroll bar that lets you scroll through the page quickly. The private mode is really safe for a secure and private browsing experience. With a tap, you could lock the orientation and the accelerometer would be disabled for the App, a great feature. It has extraordinary multitouch functionalities, you could exit full screen by tapping with 4 fingers and even open the bookmarks bar by touching the screen with 5 fingers. You could also search for keywords within pages with the in-built page search.

While the browser has exceptional features, it does lack in a few areas. It does not support bookmarklets and enabling Lastpass or Instapaper or any other bookmarklet based service is hard. The App does support multitouch but you can’t switch between tabs by swiping your finger left or right. It does seem a bit slow while browsing certain websites with rich media content.

Pros –
Extraordinary Multitouch Functionalities
Good Design
Excellent Scroll Bar
One Tap Orientation Lock

Cons –
No Bookmarklet support
Slow, crashes

4. Life Browser for iPad – This browser isn’t feature-rich, but tries to make browsing easier. It presents pages in the form of a book and you could simply swipe to switch pages. It even has a little thing which the developers call “Auto Loading”. To use Auto loading, open all your favorite sites that you usually visit all the time and tap the plus icon. The next time you fire up Life, it would automatically open all the saved websites and you could swipe your way.

The Life browser has a great bookmarks display feature. It displays all your bookmarks in an interactive manner with the title and screenshots of the website available too.
You could also queue articles and they would appear one behind the other. Simply tap the up or down button and the website in the queue would be displayed.

Pros –
Swipe and Queue through your favorite website
Interactive Bookmark Display
Full Screen Mode
Easy Switching between Tabs
Status Bar takes you to Google

Cons –
Can’t configure major Settings

5. LastPass Browser – Though this browser was designed to offer Lastpass support, it turns out to be much better. It supports tabs and has a great UI. It has an amazing optional image blocker that blocks images and lets you stay safe on the internet. It also includes a highly secure Form Filler that lets you shop safely too. A lot of different user agents are also available to choose from.


As mentioned earlier, it is not a feature rich browser and was designed to only offer LastPass support to users.

Pros –
Flawless LastPass support
Brilliant UI
Highly Secure
Form Filler
Tabs Support
Switch user agents

Cons –
No bookmarklets
Can’t change default search engine.

Which browser do you use? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.