Fennec for Android Is Here

Firefox’s mobile offering, Fennec is now available for Android users. This Alpha release is also available for Nokia N900 users and has Firefox Sync built in the browser. Fennec offers the same experience as Firefox with support for add ons and is built on the same technology as that of Firefox.

With Firefox Sync, you could easily sync data between Firefox on your desktop and Fennec on your Android device. The browser is still in alpha and crashes a bit. It looks neat and is very well designed.

TheAppleGoogle on Fennec

Here’s what the Mozilla Team has to say about the mobile browser –

This first Alpha release of Fennec for Android is an exciting first step in bringing browser choice and customization, along with a seamless Web experience across devices, to a leading open mobile platform. Now, developers have the power to use the latest Web technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to to build fast, powerful and beautiful mobile apps and add-ons that can reach many millions of devices.

The main focus of this release is to increase performance and responsiveness to user actions. This is being implemented using two major technologies, “Electrolysis” and “Layers.” This Alpha release includes Electrolysis, which allows the browser interface to run in a separate process from the one rendering Web content. By doing this, Fennec is able to react much faster to user input while pages are loading or CPU intensive JavaScript is running. The upcoming beta release will start taking advantage of Layers to greatly improve performance in graphic intensive actions like scrolling, zooming, animations and video. We’re also working to optimize these actions using the hardware-accelerated graphics rendering capabilities showing up in today’s mobile devices.

via [Mozilla Blog]