Make an Audiobook out of MP3 Files


Do you have audiobooks which are in MP3 format and are in parts? Sometimes, you get such MP3 files and want to add them to your iPod but they behave as normal songs and don’t remember where you last left them. To use the MP3 files as an audiobook and to get the most out of the audiobook features of your iPod, here is a simple tool that is free of cost.

The tool is called MP3 to iPod Audiobook Converter and can be downloaded from here. To use the tool, you need to browse for the files and add them. If you have several parts, add all of them. You could choose to connect all the part and convert them into a single audiobook or convert each of the parts as an individual audiobook. After adding and selecting your options, you need to click on Start Conversion and everything will work out on it’s own.

MP3 to Audiobook

Within minutes, your audiobook will be ready and you could sync it to your iPod using iTunes. The audiobook would then appear under the audiobook section of your iPod. You could even Download an audiobook for only $7.49. Choose from over 75,000 titles!