Feedly – Your Magazine Like Feed Reader Comes To Safari 5

Feedly Safari 5

Safari 5 brought joy to extension developers and slowly we are seeing a lot of extensions popping up on our new browser. Feedly is one such cross-platform extension which organizes your feeds in a magazine like format showing you the cover, digest and karma pages.

Feedly has now been made available for Safari 5 and works great. Feedly uses Safari’s Development Kit to present your feeds in an interactive manner and is a standalone extension. To install Feedly on Safari 5, follow the below mentioned steps :-

1. Launch Safari and goto Preferences.
2. Under the Extensions Tab, enable extensions.
3. Click here to download the extension.
4. When installed, double click and run the file.

After installing Feedly, you should see a Feedly icon when you launch Safari. Just click on it, login using your Google account and you are done.

The 2.x.271 update adds support for the number of unread counts which is configurable in the preferences page.