Firefox Home Coming to the iPhone

Mozilla has announced that they have been working on an application for the iPhone known as Firefox Home. Firefox Home is based on Mozilla’s Sync (earlier known as Weave) technology and it gives users instant access to their bookmarks, browsing history, opened tabs and recent tabs from their last Firefox browsing session.

Further more, it allows you to use Firefox’s Awesome Bar technology and quickly visit webpages with minimal typing. It is encrypted end-to-end and let’s you take your Firefox experience wherever you go.

Apple wouldn’t allow Firefox to be on the App Store and hence with Firefox Home, Mozilla tries to offer Firefox users a better experience on their phones too. The App would work almost like Weave, which was used to sync bookmarks, history and closed tabs between computers.

You need to set up a Firefox Home account from your computer and then enter the same credentials on your phone. Firefox Home will automatically import all your browsing data.

According to Mozilla, the App is almost ready but they need to polish it before submitting it to the App Store. Mozilla does not mention whether this App would be available for iPad users or not.This feature would make a lot of Chrome and Opera users shift to Firefox. Hopefully, Chrome would come up with something too.