How To – Convert your iPhone into an iPad (Proselytization Series)

For those of you, who have not got the iPad yet but already own an iPhone or iPod touch, here’s how you could emulate the iPad and make your iPod touch or iPhone feel the same.

To do this, you MUST have a jailbroken iPhone. Just follow the below mentioned steps and in no time at all, your iPhone would feel like an iPad.

1. Launch Cydia and hit the search button. Type “iPad” in it and download – iPad Complete. iPad complete is one option to get an iPad Theme. There are many other themes available to choose from.

2. Install iPad Complete.

3. Hit Manage and tap on Sources. Add “” as a source.

4. Go back to Search and type in “Shrink”. Install the free version. This would shrink your icons.

5. Again go to search and type “iPad Wallpapers”. This gives you all the wallpapers which are shipped with an iPad.

6. If the dock looks congested to you, Type “iPad Dock” in the search bar and install the first one. Activate it from Winterboard and you’d be good to go.

7. If you want the home screen to rotate as the iPad, Download SBRotate from Cydia.

In no time at all, you could emulate Apple’s magical and revolutionary iPad.

Do let us know if you successfully emulated the iPad or not. If possible, post some screen-shots and show them off.

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