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Watch and Vote for the Best Superbowl Ad on YouTube

On YouTube, you can now watch all the incredible million-dollar worth Superbowl ads that were aired by big companies to promote their products and services. Personally, the GoDaddy ad was worth it, even though it is generating mixed reactions. Read More

Apple’s Incredible “Dream” TV Ad for iPhone 5. Just Wow!

Apple has launched an incredible new TV Ad dubbed “Dream”. The ad focuses on the “Do Not Disturb” feature in iOS which makes sure that while you’re sleeping you do not get disturbed by unwanted calls and messages. In the ad, you’ve got tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams competing against an unknown first person. After a series of awkward Apple ads, this one’s really strong. Read More

Apple Launches New Christmas Ad for iPad mini

Apple has launched a new Christmas ad promoting the iPad and the iPad mini. In the ad, a girl sings the song by Bing Crosby song “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” via FaceTime call between an iPad and an iPad mini. The ad is targeted towards the holiday season and clearly bridges the gap between the two devices. Read More

YouTube Capture App From Google – Capture Life’s Moments And Upload on YouTube

YouTube CaptureGoogle’s been hard at work to build some amazing Apps for iOS. This time, Google has unveiled the YouTube Capture App for iOS that allows you to capture life’s precious moments right from your iPhone and upload it on YouTube and share it via multiple social networks from right within the App. Read More

NBC Rock Center Tim Cook Video Full Interview

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Tim Cook gave an inspirational interview which was recently published on Business Week. The video version of the interview aired at 10PM EST today and the full video is already making its way to YouTube. During the interview, Tim Cook focused on a lot of core subjects and made certain announcements. Read More

YouTube Now Available for iPad, Now Supports iPhone 5

The official YouTube App has been updated. It is now a universal App with support for iPad and the iPhone. The App now is also iPhone 5 enabled which means that it will now completely fit the iPhone 5′s larger screen size. Backend improvements make the App faster and more usable. Read More

This YouTube Channel Features Every Apple Ad. Ever.

A new YouTube channel dubbed “EveryAppleAds” features almost every Apple video ad ever produced. It’s pretty amazing and you’ll probably discover some ads you’ve never seen before and be reminded of some great ones. After all, Apple is highly known for its ad campaigns. Read More

Apple Launches Two New iPhone 5 Ads

Apple has launched two new iPhone 5 ads and they both are horrible. The ads are dubbed “Turkey” and “Orchestra” and they simply don’t look like ads. Not sure what has happened to Apple’s brilliant ad techniques. They have started to seem pretty lame lately. We miss you, Steve! Read More

New Ads for iPad mini “Photos” and “Books” Released

Apple has today released two new ads featuring the iPad mini. The ads are extremely dynamic and just as the first iPad mini ad, they compare the iPad mini and the iPad. The new ads – “Photos” and “Books” demonstrate photos and iBooks on both the iPad and the iPad mini. The ads convey how the two remarkable devices are interconnected. Read More

5 Steve Jobs Videos You Must Watch

Steve Jobs changed the world. He was an awesome story teller. The best story teller ever. He presented his products with such great passion that the products became extremely intimate. He made every product magical. He had magic. Ah, pure magic. As October 5th nears, there are some of his videos that you must watch. They are embedded below – Read More