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Google/YouTube To Acquire Twitch For $1 Billion

twitchTwitch is an extremely popular video game streaming site which apparently has got more peak traffic than Facebook. The San Francisco-based company lets users upload and watch, live gameplay videos for free that can be streamed from Microsoft Xbox and PlayStation 4 consoles. According to Twitch, it has more than 45 million monthly users of which more than 1 million members upload videos each month. It also distributes CBS Interactive’s GameSpot, Joystiq and Destructoid shows on it. Read More

Apple Wants To Leave The World Better Than We Found It

In an effort to be environment friendly, Apple has posted a new video and an official webpage on its website that highlights the work Apple is doing to help the environment. Apple’s main goal – leave the world better than we found it. The Better film features Tim Cook’s voiceover. Check out the page here.

‘Light Verse’ And ‘Sound Verse’ Ads Released By Apple

Apple has released two more video ads dubbed “Light Verse” and “Sound Verse” which are 30 second variants of the 90 second “Your Verse” Apple ad. You can find Light Verse embedded above and Sound Verse embedded below -

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YouTube for iOS Updated For iOS 7, Brings New Video Quality Options

youtubeWith the release of iOS 6, Apple may have removed its YouTube App from the table, but that didn’t stop Google from developing their own standalone version, available on the Apple App Store. And now, Google has updated the App, making a few improvements for iOS 7 compatibility, and adding a few features.

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Apple’s New Ad: Music Every Day

Apple has a new TV Ad dubbed “Music Every Day”. The message of the ad – “Every day, more people listen to music on their iPhone, than any other phone”. Subtle. Read More

New Apple TV Ad Focuses on Photos

Apple has aired a new TV ad today and also made it live on its website and YouTube channel dubbed “Photos Every Day”. The ad focuses on the fact that more photos are taken from the iPhone every single day than any other camera. This data has been extracted by Flickr. Read More

Send A Happy Alien Or An Angry Shark To Your Friends With iGab For iOS

i-gabiGab wants to save the world from boring messages!” says the iGab Facebook page and it is doing a wonderful job of achieving that goal. iGab is a messaging App which allows you to send a 3D animated character which will relay the message in your voice. No more spending time typing long messages which can’t convey your emotions. iGab is a novel, fun and entertaining way of sending messages to your friends. Read More

Live Streaming Added to YouTube for iOS With New Update

youtubeThe YouTube App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad has been updated today by Google. The App is now at v1.3 and the update adds new feature like live streaming accessibility, the ability to queue up videos for watching on TV and more. Read More

Two Amazing iPhone 5 Ads Released – “Brilliant” and “Discover” (VIDEO)

Apple has just launched two new incredible iPhone 5 ads dubbed “brilliant” and “discover”. Both ads have the tagline – “With an iPhone, there’s an app for that. And that. And that.”. Read More

Meet The Person Who Received The Steve Jobs Prank Call To Starbucks

Back in 2007 when Apple introduced the first iPhone, Steve Jobs made a call to Starbucks. It was prank call and when the person received the call, Steve ordered 4,000 lattes to go. And then said “Just kidding! Wrong number. Bye.”. Read More