The Yahoo! Weather App for iOS – Absolutely Stunning

yahooweatherYahoo recently put out a new weather App dubbed “Yahoo Weather” for iOS. The App is quite nice looking, and uses photos from Flickr to showcase current weather conditions and time in each area you place on your list. Yahoo Weather has a well designed, clean look to it. Although it is an iOS app, it kind of looks like something you’d see on a Windows Phone. As far as the functionality of the app, it’s pretty basic. Then again, you shouldn’t be expecting too much from a weather app. It does the job and it does it pretty well. Read More

Marissa Mayer Is Now Yahoo CEO

Marissa Mayer who has been working with Google for a long time, infact from the very early days is now the CEO of Yahoo. Marrisa has represented Google is numerous events and was Vice President of Google’s local efforts. She worked with Google for 13 years and with such an opportunity to lead Yahoo, she believes it was a reasonable decision. It is definitely a huge loss for Google and a big catch for Yahoo!

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Top Search Term on Yahoo – iPhone

Yahoo recently announced that in 2011, the top search term that users searched for using the search engine for the “iPhone”. Although not many people use Yahoo as their primary search engine, but those who atleast search using it, have search for the iPhone most in 2011. Part of it can be credited to the iPhone 5 rumors and the integration of Siri in the iPhone 4S. Read More