iOS 13.6 Privacy Screen Describes Upcoming iPhone Car Key Feature

ios-13.6-car-key-featureThere have been many build-ups regarding Apple’s CarKey going on in the news for quite some time now and the most recent iOS 13.6 beta gives us our best affirmation yet that the element is fast approaching. On iOS 13.6, in the event that you go to the Privacy data for Apple Wallet, Apple subtleties a few passages about adding a vehicle key to the Wallet application an element that the tech giant has not yet authoritatively declared. Read More

Apple Announces Virtual WWDC On June 22nd

Apple is all set to host the world’s largest developer conference – the WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC) via a virtual platform. The event which normally attracts a huge crowd and tickets worth $1,599 get sold out within minutes will for the first time be an online event. Apple will most likely also be holding a keynote to announce new products and software upgrades as always. Read More

iOS 8′s Hidden Feature Time-Lapse Photography

Recently 9to5Mac wrote about some of the top hidden features of iOS 8 discovered by their developers which were not stated during the  WWDC keynote. Now, a user on YouTube has posted a video of one such hidden feature — time-lapse photography. iTwe4kz shows in his video how the time-lapse mode works in various situations. This feature will allow you to discover the world of time-lapse photography so as to capture stunning visuals.  The video demonstration is beautiful and we anticipate the presence of this feature in iOS 8 during its public release in September this year. Read More

PayPal May Integrate iOS 8′s Touch ID In Its Mobile Payment App


According to a report published by Business Insider, PayPal is looking to integrate forthcoming iOS 8 Touch ID fingerprint recognition APIs into its mobile payment App. Apple unveiled the Touch ID API during its WWDC keynote for developers and users. A team of PayPal developers attended the WWDC session focusing on hardware-based security system. Integration of Touch ID and payment services is the next logical step for Apple’s secure fingerprint scanning solution. Read More

Apple Urges Developers To Opt-in For Family Sharing Program

family sharing

Apple on Wednesday has reportedly sent out emails via iTunes Connect outlining Family Sharing which it unveiled during WWDC 2014. It has asked developers to opt-in for the new program. Family Sharing allows families of up to six members who use the same credit card (same account) to share the content purchased from the iTunes Store. Family Sharing also allows families to share calendars, reminders, photos and locations. In addition, it allows parents to monitor and approve downloads and purchases made by their children. The feature is expected to go live on iOS 8 by end of this year. Read More

HealthKit Ensures That Fitness Apps Now Work Harder For You

HealthKitWe heard about Apple’s plan to launch HealthBook with iOS 8, in fact screen shots with HealthBooks’ icon has also floated around the internet for quite some time. During WWDC’s keynote, Apple finally announced its Health App: HealthKit (and not HealthBook) for iOS 8. With HealthKit’s health and fitness tracking Apple enters into an area that carries the most important information for any user. There are already many applications on the App Store that help users track their activity levels, weight management and health management. HealthKit will now combine data from various health and fitness Apps and Devices and make them accessible all in one place, making it easier for the user. Read More

Apple Introduces HomeKit During WWDC

HomeKitThere were rumors around Smart Home Automation System to be announced at WWDC 2014. Though Apple has not launched a new platform for Smart Home Automation as expected, it has launched HomeKit. HomeKit is a new toolkit for iOS 8 developers for Home Automation related service. HomeKit will provide developers a standard to pair their iPhones with different smart home devices. It will make it simpler for users to provide secure access to those devices using their iPhones. Read More