Healthbook App Expected To Launch As An iOS 8 App

HealthbookAs the clock ticks closer to the opening of the WWDC, it looks like Healthbook, Apple’s App that is designed to monitor health, is about to become a regular part in the life of iOS users. It is believed that Healthbook will be one of the featured Apps to be launched along with iOS 8. The rumors surrounding Healthbook has been making the rounds since early February when Apple filed trademark protection in Tobago and Trinidad for the term “Healthbook” and its two-word variation “Health Book”. Also filed along with Healthbook are trademarks for the terms “Healthkit”, believed to be an App for developers; “iResearch”, not yet clear what it is for but certainly sounds like a search engine App to me; whether it will replace Google as the iOS search engine is unclear; and “Apple Car Play”. The Trademark applications have been filed under classes 9, 10,14 and 42. ( 9=computer software, 10=medical apparatus, 14=jewelry and watches, 42=computer hardware and software development services) Read More