Woz Talks About iOS 7

Woz co-founded Apple, and in a latest interview, he is giving is valuable opinion on Apple’s iOS 7 and talks about other things. Woz was also present at WWDC 2013 when Apple announced the completely redesigned iOS. Woz also discuss about PRISM. Just play the video above, you’ll like it.

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Steve Wozniak Expects Apple to Soon Come Up With Products to ‘Surprise and Shock’

stevewozDuring a recent technology convention in Lithuania, former Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak reportedly said that he has confidence in Apple, despite a drop in stock value (from $700.00 in September of last year to $400 at present). He mentioned that Apple could be coming up soon with a product that will “surprise and shock’. Read More

Here’s What’s Steve Wozniak Wants Apple To Do To Siri (VIDEO)

Apple’s cofounder Steve Wozniak recently spoke about how is entire life is now surrounded via Apps and he also clearly mentioned what he would like to see in Siri. Steve wants Siri to start speaking the language of the Apps so someone can instantly say for example – “Open Amazon and search for books” or something like that. We are pretty certain that Apple is already working on it, but it’s great to hear it from Woz himself. So check out the video above.

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Steve Wozniak Gets Galaxy Nexus Early. Hangs Out With Google Team

Steve Wozniak, the co founder of Apple Inc. was surprisingly spotted at the Google Mountain View headquarters. The Apple cofounder is usually spotted in lines waiting for a new Apple device to be released. He was also recently waiting in line at the Los Gatos Apple Store to get the iPhone 4S, but this time the venue was different. Read More

Happy Birthday Woz

Happy Birthday Woz! Today is Steve Wozniak’s 60th birthday and we are thrilled about it. Steve did so much for the industry and turned from a passionate computer geek to a cult icon. He invented the first personal computer and started Apple. To celebrate his birthday, Jonathan Mann came up with a song for him. The song is titled “That’s Woz” and is just incredible. You could find the song on YouTube or even purchase it from his site.

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