Wireless Charging Technology by Apple Reportedly in Development

It has been reported that Apple is currently working on a charger that will enable users to simultaneously charge multiple devices such as AirPods, an Apple Watch, and an iPhone. This device is expected to be the successor of AirPower by Apple. AirPower was never released despite having been unveiled in September of 2019. Instead, failing to meet the high standards expected by Apple devices, it was discontinued. The AirPower was supposed to be a Qi charger resembling a mat. Theoretically, it was expected to be able to charge at least three Apple devices. Last year, the Cupertino company introduced a new iteration of the wireless charger with MagSafe, released with their iPhone 12 devices.

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Wireless Reverse Charging In iPhone 13

Speculations are up that the iPhone 13 that Apple is going to release this year will feature reverse wireless charging as per reports. The leaker Max Weinbach says that the iPhone 13 series will have stronger MagSafe magnets and larger wireless charging coils. The larger wireless charging coils will ensure better heat management and give a higher wattage. As of now, MagSafe can charge the iPhone 12 wirelessly up to 15W.

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New iPhones May Support Reverse Wireless Charging

Reverse wireless charging is the new craze in the market, with Samsung introducing in its 2019 Galaxy S10 phones. Now, new sources claim that Apple is planning to go the same route with the new iPhones. If this really happens, a single iPhone could charge all known Apple devices in the market right now and possibly non-Apple smartphones too. Read More

The New AT&T Charger Will Power Both iPhone And Apple Watch

Great news for Apple fans who have been wishing for a single charger for all their Apple devices as AT&T is working on a similar prototype which is basically a dual charger for iPhone and Apple Watch. The charger has been spotted on FCC Federal Communications Commission which includes all the documentation for the device. The telecommunication company calls it the “Power Drum Wireless Charger & Apple Watch Power Bank.” Read More

Xiaomi Launches 10W Universal Fast Charge Wireless Charger In China

Xiaomi has unveiled a new accessory for Android smartphones and it is a 10W universal fast charge wireless charger. The charger is currently available only in China and is priced at 69 Yuan which is Rs.714 in Indian currency. The charger supports the universal Qi wireless charging standard and the company hopes that this 10W wireless charger will be favoured by all the Xiaomi smartphone users. Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad