WhatsApp Adds Shopping Button Feature To Help Boost Businesses

WhatsApp recently added a new Shopping button in its latest update, making it easier for customers to discover a business’ catalog. This feature allows customers to go through the list of goods and services provided by any particular business. The aim of the newly added update is to help boost local business by the way of getting recognized and thus increasing sales. Read More

WhatsApp Lets Messages Disappear After 7 Days: New Update

WhatsApp has finally launched the much-awaited disappearing messages feature for all the users. The update allows one to have the messages set to be automatically deleted within a limit of seven days. The update works for not only the individual but group chats as well. In group chats, the admins have the sole authority to set the feature on/off as per the need be. Read More

WhatsApp Now Allows Users To Mute Chat Notifications Forever

Loud, unpleasant and distressing spam messages from yet another WhatsApp group has broken too many pleasant Sunday mornings. In today’s digital day and age, we don’t always have the time to attend to the spam that gets accumulated on our WhatsApp. It can be a redundant distraction and can put a dent on our work performance. WhatsApp now allows users to mute chats forever, thus making sure that none of us get distracted by unwanted messages ever again. Read More

WhatsApp To Feature Biometric Lock, Allow Users To Join Missed Calls

WhatsApp will soon be launching two extremely awaited to the app: Biometric look and access to join missed calls. The company will now allow users to set a fingerprint lock onto the chats on their smartphones. This will ensure a second layer of safety, on top of the regular phone lock. The app will also soon be allowing users to re-join missed voice and video calls, that is if the call is still on. Read More

Messenger And Instagram Chats Now Officially Merged

Instagram and Facebook Messenger have now officially merged their chats, in the implementation of the next phase of the company’s planned unified messaging service for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

The New York Times is reporting that Facebook plans to combine messaging services across its applications, merging chats from WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.

Read More

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WhatsApp’s New ‘Search The Web’ Feature Will Enable Users To Verify The Authenticity Of The Forwarded Message

WhatsApp has appended a new feature to assist users to debunk viral or frequently forwarded messages to prevent the spread of fake and misleading news on its platform. In the more primal version of WhatsApp, there was a limit on the number of times a single forwarded message could be shared at one go. The arrows above a message let people know when the message was received and whether or not was it written by close contact. Read More