Apple’s “Why You’ll Love An iPad” Page

loveipadAfter the “Why You’ll Love an iPhone” page, now boasts a brand new “Why You’ll Love an iPad” page promoting the iPad and the iPad mini under the tagline – “iPad and iPad mini. They’re two of no other kind.” The page offers a number of reasons why someone would love an iPad including the highest customer satisfaction ranking by J.D. Power and Associates, the large number of Apps on the App Store specifically tailored for the iPad, the long battery life, Apple’s incredible support, it’s design and more. Read More

New iPad Listings Spotted on Best Buy Website

best buy ipad

Another iPad 2 rumor! New listings for iPads have been spotted at the Best Buy website for devices that currently don’t exist. The devices are Wi-Fi only models and are priced at $599.00 and $699.99. It could be a Verizon iPad or the iPad 2 or a prank. Anyway, we still are waiting desperately for the February event where Apple would probably announce the iPad 2.

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