How To: Get Around Region Locked Services

It is becoming increasing common that many of our favourite apps and services have some level of region locked content – this could be for many reasons such as specific licensing in the country or just content that may be intended for a different audience – perhaps the most notable is for apps like Netflix where different movie and TV libraries may be available in one country, but not in others. Fortunately, there are a growing number of ways to get around these region locks, whether through external apps or gaps within regulation that allow for some wiggle room. Read More

Report Suggests These Android Apps Are Pushing Adware On Your Phone

Recent study by Wandera Research has found multiple Apps with adware, where two of the Apps have over 1.5 million downloads on the play store. The Apps in question are VPN and camera Apps. It is strange to see a VPN apps with adware which is actually used by millions of people worldwide and also the selfie filter camera apps as per the reports. Read More

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Apple Creates A Buzz By Removing VPNs From The App Store

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Apple recently removed some VPN apps from its App Store in China. China has a high level of security and have censored many sites, contents and apps for years. China restricts internet access to foreign sites due to its high political affluence. Any politically sensitive content is very much, not allowed. Hence keeping that in mind, it has put in a set of filters for the sites, known as the ‘Great Firewall’. Read More