Taking A Closer Look At Google’s VR Offerings

Google Cardboard is a cheap and accessible way to enjoy VR.

In a world where Virtual Reality (VR) offerings become increasingly numerous and advanced in their capabilities, it can be difficult to fully understand the difference between the varying systems.

Many of the globe’s largest tech companies have bet big on VR, with Facebook’s Oculus system seeming to lead the way. With that said, there are a number of excellent options out there for VR enthusiasts or those with enough curiosity to warrant spending a few bucks on a new experience. Read More

Google Daydream – The Latest In Virtual Reality


After months of speculations and rumors, Google has finally confirmed the Android VR dubbed “Daydream” at their I/O Developers Conference yesterday. As it was rumored earlier, Daydream will be accommodated with the release of Android N and the hardware and software will be released later this fall. The device would require a smartphone at all times around itself as the device would use the screen from the device as a display for the Virtual Reality Headset Read More

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