Apple Now Offers Self Service Repair to US iPhone Users

After announcing the news about Self Service Repair in November 2021, Apple has now officially opened the service to U.S. residents. Those who own the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and third-gen iPhone SE devices will now be able to purchase spare parts and tools. They can follow instruction manuals that guide them through the process of fixing common issues with these devices. This move comes as a follow-up to Apple’s 2019 move to open up iPhone repair services by third-party establishments.

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Apple Suppliers Pressurized By US To Leave China

China has been one of the biggest Apple suppliers, second only to Taiwan. However due to some recent clash with the Trump Administration’s new tariff rules some tension has developed over Apple’s dependency on China for the manufacturing of their products.

According to a new report, Apple is being forced by the White House to reduce its dependency on China and Taiwan, and on top of that Apple has already been planning on shifting its assembly plants in countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and India. Which is being assisted by government incentives. Read More

Google Duplex Is Now Available In 43 US States

Google Duplex is one of the most anticipated AI driven technology of the future. We last saw it in action back in November 2018 when Google added Duplex support on Pixel phones. The feature was very limited at that point of time in only a select places in the US. But, today Duplex has been extended to 43 US States and this is incredible for the Pixel users in the country who can start using it to make hotel reservations. Read More