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Apple Blocks Older Versions Of Adobe Flash Player Due To Security Issues

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Earlier this week, Adobe released an update to its Flash Player software to overcome a security flaw. Apple confirmed today that it has updated its plugin blacklist for OS X to avoid security issues. This plugin would stop the system from using older versions of Flash Player which are older than for current systems and for older systems. Read More

Sprint’s LG G Flex Updated With Wi-Fi Calling And More

LG G FlexThe LG G Flex on Sprint has received an update with a few added features, bug fixes and improvements. Most notably, it adds WiFi calling, allowing you to call people over a home or work Wi-Fi network, rather than your carrier network. Read More

T-Mobile LG G2 Gets Knock On/Off And Improvements

lg g2

If you bought an LG G2 on T-Mobile‘s network you were deprived of the popular Knock On/Off feature that came with the device, until now. An update that started rolling out on Monday will allow you to simply double tap the screen to wake it, and double tap the status bar or the screen (in specific situations) to put the device to sleep. Read More

News Reading App Reeder 2 Updated

Reeder 2Reeder 2, a popular News Reading App, has been updated. The App by developer Silvio Rizzi works with multiple services, such as Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler, Fever, and Readability. It also supports local RSS. The update lets the user save news items quickly on Pinboard or Delicious without having to fill the form. Also, saving to Pinboard or Delicious can now be set as actions in the article list view. Links that did not save to delicious have also been fixed. Read More

Southwest Airlines App (iOS) Now Has International Flights Support

southwest airlines appThe official Southwest Airlines App for iOS has just been updated, adding support for international travel and flights. In a few weeks from now, Southwest Airlines will be expanding its flights to Mexico and the Caribbean, replacing the AirTran AirWays it acquired back in 2011. Read More

Google Search for iOS Updated, Voice Search is Now Interactive


Google has just released a new version of the Google Search App for iOS, updating it to version 4.0.0. The major change in this update is that Google Search has just got more interactive. Once you start the voice search with a simple ‘Ok, Google’, and ask something like ‘What’s the weather like today?’, you can actually follow up with a query like ‘what about tomorrow?’, and Google Search will understand that you are once again asking about the weather, without you having to repeat yourself. Read More

Apple’s New Security Update – iOS 7.0.6

ios7096Apple released its new update iOS 7.0.6 today which addresses a major SSL i.e. Secure Socket Layer issue. SSL encrypts the internet traffic, without it in place your activities online are exposed. The software initially had problems validating the authenticity of the connection, which has been fixed with the new update. This will avoid hackers from obtaining this data and making any changes to it. Read More

International Options Added To Google Search App for iOS


The Google Search App now has several new options for international users. The iOS App has been updated and support for French, German or Japanese has been included with the update. Google plans to add support for more languages in the future. Read More

YouTube for iOS Updated For iOS 7, Brings New Video Quality Options

youtubeWith the release of iOS 6, Apple may have removed its YouTube App from the table, but that didn’t stop Google from developing their own standalone version, available on the Apple App Store. And now, Google has updated the App, making a few improvements for iOS 7 compatibility, and adding a few features.

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MacBook Pro Retina Display And MacBook Air Battery Issues Fixed With Update

Apple Battery BugApple has issued an update for MacBook Pro retina display and MacBook Air users that fixes a battery bug that causes battery life to drain faster than it should. The update is available via the Mac App Store. Read More