The Ultimate Intoxicant – iPad

Gadgets are like drugs – you can’t resist them. When a new one comes to the market which is going to blow you sky high, you gonna be ready for it. The unparalleled intoxicant like never before , the iPad is coming in for gadget-pushers. Get your itching fingertips ready and allow large volumes of drool over the new iPad.

Encore to Steve Jobs and a grand welcome to the iPad into this world on its birthday.

Well, get ready put on your best clothes, get a cake and some candles and welcome the iPad to your home on April 3. Celebrate that day because on that day you will get your new iPad. Just in case you forgot, Apple is now reminding all those who have pre-ordered their iPads by email that the tablet PC has been shipped and will arrive at your doorstep on April 3.

Get the best tuxedo in town to put your iPad in and show it off to all your friends and brag about it a bit. In-case you need a big pocket, don’t forget to take a look at the iGotaBigAssPocket Concept. Tune your PC/Mac and order them to behave in a nice manner with your iPad. Sync all your content including music, videos, HD movies and browse the web like never before. Also don’t forget to drive thru TheAppleGoogle with your new iPad. Do tell us how it feels like.

For those who haven’t pre-ordered the much anticipated device, they can buy it from an Apple Store or from any Best Buy starting from 9.00AM on Saturday.

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