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Tweetbot 2 And 3 For iOS Would Cease Functioning After Critical Updates Go Live

Tweetbot 2 and 3 for iOSAccording to a May 23 post on the Tapbots blog, Tweetbot 2 and 3 for iOS would cease functioning after mandatory updates, requested by Twitter Platforms Operations group, go live. According to the post, Twitter communicated with Tapbots to do some changes on how their App communicates with the Twitter API. The changes are set to go live on May 29 at 10 A.M. PST after which Tweetbot 2 and 3 for iOS would stop working. Read More

Tweetbot Targets Pirated Users With An Interesting Tweet

tweetbotSome users have been using pirated copies of Tweetbot, the popular Twitter client for Mac and iOS. To stand up against these pirated copies, Tweetbot in a humble way automatically suggests pirated users to tweet this – Read More

Tweetbot for Mac Confirmed (IMAGE)

Yesterday, the founder of Tweetbot, the extremely popular Twitter client for iOS posted a tweet and upon viewing the details of the tweet, it was confirmed that the tweet was sent out using “Tweetbot for Mac”. Tweetbot’s graphic designer, Mark Jardine today confirmed in a tweet that the Mac App is under works. Read More

Twitter Just Got Kicked Out Of My iPad

tweetbotI recently kicked the official Twitter App right off my iPad. Although it was jiggling and pleading to be given a position on my home screen, it wasn’t allowed that privilege. As TweetBot for iPad was recently released by Tapbots, the official Twitter App just doesn’t come any where near it. Read More