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Apple’s Incredible “Dream” TV Ad for iPhone 5. Just Wow!

Apple has launched an incredible new TV Ad dubbed “Dream”. The ad focuses on the “Do Not Disturb” feature in iOS which makes sure that while you’re sleeping you do not get disturbed by unwanted calls and messages. In the ad, you’ve got tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams competing against an unknown first person. After a series of awkward Apple ads, this one’s really strong. Read More

New iPod Lineup TV Ads (VIDEO)

The iPod lineup has completely been revamped. Apple’s new ad is pretty cool reminding us about the phenomenal energy still left in these devices.

The New iPad TV Ad

Apple has uploaded a new TV Ad for the new iPad. We have embedded it for you above. Read More

Apple Announces All New Apple TV

apple tvApple at an event today announced an all new version of Apple TV which includes supports 1080p with a streamlined new user interface. The latest version of the hardware will support a brand new interface that looks great and includes large thumbnails. Read More

Apple TV ‘Out of Stock’ In 98% Of Retail Stores In The U.S.

Apple TV 2
As the rumors have been stacking up for the potential iPad 3 that will be released today, the rumors have seem to have calmed down for the Apple TV. However some final last ones have come into the pipeline, with some background information about the stock levels of the current Apple TV second generation. It appears that 98% of Apple TV’s throughout the U.S Apple Retail Store ecosystem have been showing on the website and in-store as ‘Out of Stock’. Read More

Genius Recommendations Come to Apple TV

Apple has quietly added their popular Genius recommendation service to Apple TV. The service based on your already existing library chooses and recommends the programs that you are most likely to like.

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Santa Uses Siri in Apple’s New Christmas Ad [VIDEO]

Apple TV Now Available in Brazil

It appears that this week Apple have succeeded in their debut of the new Apple TV along with online iTunes services in Brazil. With the Apple TV, citizens of Brazil will now be able to access any of the online entertainment services that Apple have has to offer in other countries and avail music, movies, podcasts, Apps and more that iTunes will provide. Read More

New iPod touch TV Ad Launched Right in Time for Black Friday Sale

Apple has launched a new TV Ad for the all new iPod touch which is now also available in white. The Ad is titled “Share the Fun” and focuses on gaming featuring many different games from the App Store and how they are all integrated with Game Center that makes playing with friends incredibly amazing. It also displays the brilliance of iMessage and FaceTime proving how they make sharing awesome. Read More

Another Awe-Inspiring iPad Ad Released – Love

Apple has released a new TV ad for the iPad 2 titled “Love”. The ad focuses on the things that we love to do including reading, recording, movie editing, painting, and more. The iPad 2 changes all of this, and as the ad says – “Getting lost in the things we love has never felt quite like this.” Read More