Apple’s All New TV Ad For iPhone 5S Is All About Gold

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Apple has just released a brand new TV ad for the iPhone 5S and it completely promotes the gold version which has been a top seller compared to the other colors. The gold color and the Touch ID sensor are the two things Apple is pushing with this new iPhone 5S TV ad.

Refurbished Apple TV Price Reduced to $75

appletvApple has reduced the price of the refurbished Apple TV, making it $10 cheaper than the previous price of $85, and $24 cheaper than a brand new device. It is believed that Apple reduced the price following the announcement of the Google Chromcast, which has been gaining traction not only because of its low price tag at a mere $35, but also due to the fact that it is universal, and not tied to a single Operating System. Read More

Apple’s Stunning New TV Ad – Intention

Apple’s really proud to be an American company and has released two new ads promoting their signature – “Designed by Apple in California.” The above one is dubbed “Intention” and through the use of simple phrases, it clearly captures someone’s attention towards the level of design attention Apple pays to its products. Only when every detail is perfect, does a product hold the signature – “Designed by Apple in California.” Read More

Tim Cook: TV Is Still An Area Of Great Interest To Apple


Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook was on stage today at the D11 conference and when talking about TV and the future of television, Tim Cook kept on focusing on the current Apple TV and being a product driven person, he kept on revealing the numbers relating to the device. Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher were interviewing Tim, and in their usual style, they kept on pressing him to get more details out of the entire idea. Read More

2M Apple TVs Sold During Holiday Quarter, Up 60% From Last Year

apple tvApple during its earnings call today announced that it has sold 2 million Apple TVs during the holiday quarter which is 60% more compared to last year during the same period. Apple’s hobby is definitely on the verge of becoming a fully matured business now. Over the years, Apple has sold 10 million Apple TV device units making it a hugely popular player in the TV industry. Read More