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How To: Hide Apps And Folder In iOS 7.1 Without Jailbreaking

TUAWTired of irksome friends or kids who just take your mobile in their hand and keep checking your stuff? Not anymore. With this cool trick in iOS 7.1 you can completely hide Apps from your home screen and yet use them easily. In fact, you can also hide Apps that you seldom use, but you don’t want to permanently delete. Read More

Check Out Google’s Surprise for Valentine’s Day

google heart graphGoogle is really famous for the neat tricks and surprises it presents its users with. We are already well-aware of the “Do a barrel roll” and “Let it snow” tricks which charmed a lot of users (including us). Here’s another pleasant surprise by the search engine giant which would satisfy all math nerds. Just type the below or simply paste it in the Google search bar and check out the result. Read More