Top 10 Free Android Apps To Make Travelling Easier

travellingWhether it is for holiday or work, travelling can be a stressful thing. Getting to the airport, flight delays, reserving hotel rooms, hiring a car, and many such things get in the way of enjoying your holiday, exploring your destination or securing that business deal that you have travelled across the globe for. But all these obstacles can be removed with a few taps on your android device. Here is a list of 10 Android Apps that make for the perfect travelling companions. Read More

Top 5 Photo Editing Apps For iOS

Photo EditingTheAppleGoogle has recently and in the past reviewed a large number of photo editing Apps. This is mainly due to an increasing number of Photo Apps entering the App Store. The camera on the iPhones keep getting better and so do the Apps which make use of it. More and more people now use their phones as their primary camera on holidays. This got us thinking which of these many Apps can be used to make the most of your photos in today’s world of Instagram and social media. So we did our research and picked the Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for iOS. Needless to say, this list is not exhaustive. And, with the arrival of iOS 8 soon and its many features, it may very well need another revision. Read More

Top 5 Fitness Apps For iPhone

Fitness AppWith our lifestyles becoming increasingly sedentary — sitting in front of our computers at work, then ensconced on the couch watching TV — it helps to be a bit fitness conscious. But time is at a premium and not everyone has the luxury to hit the gym before, or even after, work. This is where our iPhones come into handy. There are several fitness Apps on the App Store which can help you to lead an active lifestyle without too much extra cost or time. And to save you the hassle of looking for the right one we have picked the top 5 fitness Apps we believe could serve you best. Read More

Top 5 Educational Apps For Kids On iPhone and iPad

Educational AppsKids are learning to use iPhones and iPads from a very early age. Toddlers master the art of swiping and tapping even before they learn to say mummy and daddy. So why not use this skill and their desire to play with electronic devices to help them learn. Educational Apps for kids are in high demand which explains the extraordinary number of children’s Apps on the App Store. To help you choose the best App for your child we, at TheAppleGoogle, have picked our favourite educational app from five different categories: Letters, Math, Geography, Music and Miscellaneous Fun. Read More

Apple Updates Top 25 All Time App List for Both the Paid and Free Apps in Their App Store

As the countdown to the 50 billionth App download in Apple’s live counter comes closer to the target, Apple reveals the Top 25 All Time Apps for both the paid and free App categories for both the iPhone and the iPad. The 50 billionth App Download promotion will be giving a $10,000 dollar gift card to the person who will download the 50 billionth App to be followed by $500 to the next 50 people. The list of the Top 25 All Time Apps is divided into four categories: Paid Apps for iPhone, Free Apps for iPhone, Paid Apps for iPad and Free Apps for iPad. Read More

Top 5 Finance Apps for iPad

Finance App iPadFinancial applications for mobile devices are yet to flourish in the various App Stores around today. However there are definitely some very promising developments, which have a vast potential to be transformed into something, significantly more powerful and suitable for replacing the use of the traditional PC.

For the most part, these applications are designed for the user to keep track of their personal or corporate income and expenditure. They allow you to keep track of the transactions made on your various accounts and budget according to what you are spending at any point in time. Read More

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Facebook’s Poke App Becomes Top Free App

pokeappFacebook’s recently released “Poke” App is now at the #1 position on the Apple App Store under the “Top Free” category. In the last 12 days, Facebook started work on the Poke App and Mark Zuckerberg was heavily invested in the project. He was the one who invented poking and now the App sits at the #1 position on the Apple App Store. Read More

5 Best Maps App Alternatives to Apple Maps for iPhone

Now that it is official that Apple Maps suck, we present the top 5 alternatives to Apple Maps that will help you find your way to your next destination instead of getting you lost. Google is working on a Maps App for iOS which is rumored to be available later this year, till then these nifty Apps already available for iOS should turn out to be extremely helpful for you. It is a good time to be a Maps App developer, for sure! Read More

Top 5 Apps To Help You Stay Fit and Healthy

With it being the New Year, most of us have made resolutions that include staying fit, healthy and to plan a routine that incorporates healthy eating and exercise. In this article, we will present to you five great apps for your iPhone or iPad that will help you along the way to reach you goals. The below top five Apps will help you stay fit and healthy. Read More

5 Amazing Magazine-Like Experience for News Right on your iPad [APPS]

The iPad has revolutionized not one but several markets. One of the markets that the tablet from Apple has completely transformed is the magazine industry which includes publishing of articles in a magazine like format. Many magazine publishers have already released iPad versions of their offering, but for those who like something more updated and recent, the below five amazing iPad Apps will present your daily news to you in a magazine like manner. Read More