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5 Amazing Magazine-Like Experience for News Right on your iPad [APPS]

The iPad has revolutionized not one but several markets. One of the markets that the tablet from Apple has completely transformed is the magazine industry which includes publishing of articles in a magazine like format. Many magazine publishers have already released iPad versions of their offering, but for those who like something more updated and recent, the below five amazing iPad Apps will present your daily news to you in a magazine like manner. Read More

Top 5 Essential Apps: Apps Starter Kit

You’ve just bought an iPhone 4S. You hit the App Store and don’t know where to begin due to the large number of apps. This week’s Top 5 Essential Apps will guide you in the right direction.

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5 Interesting Steve Jobs Emails

sjobsSteve Jobs, yep, that visionary, he is pretty good at sending mails to customers directly in the form of small sentences. Some mails can be a simple “Yep” or “No”, while others could go into explaining the details and how things work. Read More

Top 5 iPad Apps for Creating Mockups


Creating mockup designs on the iPad is a charm considering the large touch screen display. With over 60,000 Apps that allow you to do some amazing stuff, it is hard to select the best. Some of the Apps mentioned below will help you create Mockups for your next project on your iPad.

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Top 5 Mac Apps from the Mac App Store

mac app store icon

The Mac App Store is now live and features over 100,000 Apps. Apple learnt from the success of its iOS App business and applied the same theory to the Mac. The store is simple, features amazing Apps, makes updating Apps extremely easy, and is a curated place for Apps of all kinds for the Mac.

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Top 5 Text Editors With Dropbox Sync for iPad

text editors

In recent times, there has been a flood of simple document creation apps that support Dropbox sync. The concept is extraordinary and allows for creation of quick documents that are always synced with Dropbox and can be viewed quickly from almost anywhere using any device.

In this section, we will highlight the best of such Apps that would make content creation on your iPad simple and efficient.

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Top 5 Calculator Apps for iPad

iphone calculator icon

Unlike the iPhone and iPod touch, the iPad does not come with a native Calculator App. While using such a large screen as the iPad for daily calculation sounds weird, a calculator app can be handy for quick calculations.

In this “Top” series we round up the top five calculator apps for the iPad that would help you carry out some calculations on your large sized touch screen buddy.

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Top 5 Chrome Web Apps

chrome ws

Google recenlty launched the Chrome Web Store which hosts lots of amazing web applications. Web Apps work on Chrome (browser) and the extremely lightweight and cloud based Chrome OS.

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Top 5 iPod Nano Watch Cases


When Steve Jobs was announcing the new iPod nano with multi-touch, he said that one of the board members within Apple was planning to use the device as a wrist watch. While Apple does not supply a case that would turn the iPod nano into a wrist watch, the case manufacturers certainly knew that this was the market they should be targeting.

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Top 3 UK TV Apps

iphone tv

As part of the iPhone’s reach into every and any part of our daily lives previously unexplored by phones, TV guide apps are well represented. With a snappy interface, hooks into Facebook and Twitter and the killer feature of Sky’s Remote Record, a TV guide could just be the most useful application on your iPhone.

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