Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps For Your Smartphone

Despite still being in the early states of mass adoption, augmented reality (AR) has already begun to gain popularity owing to the many AR based apps that have begun to pop up on app stores in smartphones. To put it simply, AR technology overlays virtual images, sceneries, or objects on real life objects and spaces, in real time, which makes for a fascinating and interactive user experience. App developers are already working on creating AR apps dedicated to providing an immersive experience, and numerous high quality AR apps can be expected in the future. However, even at the present, many high quality AR apps are available for use with your smartphone. Listed below are our picks for the top 5 augmented reality apps for your smartphone.

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YouTube Has More Downloads Than The World’s Total Population

In May 2021, Google’s YouTube App crossed a whopping 10 billion downloads with the second-highest downloads from India. That is more than the current population of the world, 7.9 billion. Android phones contain a Google suite of Apps one of which is YouTube, which could also be a reason for the high number of downloads.

This has moved apps like Facebook to the second position with 7 billion downloads. With a 1 billion difference, WhatsApp is at 6 billion downloads. Other common apps like Messenger are placed number 4 with 5 billion downloads and last in the top 5 is Instagram with more than 3 billion downloads. While Snapchat and TikTok continue to grow in the number of downloads per day with over 1 billion and 2 billion downloads respectively.

Top 5 Footwear Apps For Android 2021

Shopping for footwear requires a lot of thought. Since you wear it every day you must choose it in a way that your footwear goes with most of your clothes. And if that doesn’t work you just have to buy specific shoes with each of your dresses, and that is almost next to impossible. Also, different people like different kinds of shoes. Some like sports shoes, some prefer more fashionable shoes with heels, some prefer boots and so on. Also, you might get different shoes for different occasions. At times, it is difficult to find all these different kinds of shoes in one place. Here you bring before you our top 5 picks of footwear apps.

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Top 5 Apps To Track UEFA EURO 2020

The UEFA EURO 2020 championship started on 11th June. This was scheduled for last year but because of the ongoing pandemic situation, it is taking place now. However, it is still called EURO 2020. Here we have formulated a list of five apps that will help you track UEFA EURO 2020. Know the live score, the upcoming matches, highlights of matches, and much more.

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Google Releases List Of Best Apps In 2019

We are almost nearing the end of the year and Google has announced the best Apps and Games for 2019 in their blog post. Some of them definitely deserve the award while others are not as worthy as it seems to be. Anyways, we will take a look at the Apps that made the cut this year and also some of the new Apps that made it to this top download list. Read More

Leaked Document Shows AppGratis Was Charging Huge Prices for App Store Push

AppGratis was pulled out recently from the Apple App Store due to several reasons. One of the main reasons is that a document leaked by Business Insider shows that the company charges App developers to have their Apps put on to the top five most downloaded Apps on the Apple App Store. Read More