Top 5 Thought of the Day Apps

Life doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to be. The odds won’t always be in your favor, and you can’t always be 100 percent happy. After all, how can you truly know what happiness feels like if you don’t ever experience sadness and loneliness? It may hurt to admit it, but it is perfectly normal to fail sometimes. Even though you get down on yourself sometimes, it is not a good idea to sabotage yourself and dwell on those feelings.

We have compiled a list of the top 5 inspirational thought of the day apps that can help motivate our readers to become better people.

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Top 5 Android Apps To Clean Phone Memory

Most people only think about cleaning up their phones when something starts to go wrong. Android devices are smart enough that regular maintenance isn’t necessary, but it’s still a good idea to perform a digital tune-up every once in a while. Don’t underestimate the impact of staying digitally organized and having free space when you need it. The trick is finding phone cleaner apps that live up to their promises. At best, a bad cleaner app wastes storage space; at worst, it could infect you with malware and spam you with ads. Not all Android cleaner apps are useless, however.

Here, we have compiled a list of the top 5 phone memory cleaner apps for Android devices for our users.

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Top 5 Android Apps to Add Video Captions

Adding captions to videos can be a time-consuming, tedious and tiring task. Thankfully, several companies have developed apps that allow users to add captions to their videos in a convenient and user-friendly manner. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 5 apps on Android that can help users add subtitles to their videos.

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Top 5 Video Converter Apps for Android

hand holding android smartphone, video converter apps on screen

When it comes to video converting, it is hard to select the best app for your needs. Different users may have different needs for video conversion, but not all apps support all needs. For instance, not all apps may support all file extensions, and some do not allow high-resolution conversions, while some apps may leave a watermark behind that not everyone would want. So, here we have compiled a list of the top 5 best video converter apps for Android for our readers.

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Top 5 Google Translate Alternatives

The Google Translate app is arguably one of the best translation apps available for use right now. Besides regular translation, it also offers a way to translate pictures and handwriting by connecting with your camera. Admittedly, despite the addition of neural machine learning techniques, Google Translate does not generate perfect translations every time. Here are the top 5 alternatives to Google Translate.

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Top 5 iPhone Apps To Annotate Images

While annotation apps on PCs are excellent, being able to annotate images on the go has become a necessity for modern working professionals. For iPhone users who need to annotate images using their smartphones, iOS has the option of image annotation integrated. However, there are countless other apps dedicated to this service for those whose needs are not met by this. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 5 iPhone apps to help our readers annotate images.

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Top 5 Bike Racing Games for iPhone

bike racing games

Bike racing is a thrilling, exhilarating sport that, unfortunately, not every bike racing enthusiast gets the opportunity to participate in. With the wonder of technology, bike racing enthusiasts can now enjoy the thrill of racing from the comfort of their homes. Over the last few years, there have been several new bike racing games launched. Here, we provide a list of the top 5 bike racing games for iPhone users.

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Top 5 Home Makeover Apps for iPhone

room with interior decoration and home makeover.

The process of a home makeover, albeit rewarding, is a long and arduous one. Be it shopping, color planning, measuring, or arranging, home design apps can help share the burden. With a wide variety of antique, vintage, or new types of furniture and a wide range of options, these apps make home makeovers feel like a piece of cake. Supplemented by augmented reality, many of these apps even help users visualize how their dream room would appear with a certain aesthetic look. Here, we have compiled the top 5 home makeover apps on iPhone to make the process of a home makeover an enjoyable one for our readers.

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Top 5 iPhone Apps To Add Animated Effect To Photos

two hands holding phone with app open to add animated effect to photo

With the increasing popularity of GIFs and videos on social media, it becomes necessary for content creators and even everyday users to know how to add an animated effect to photos. Luckily for us, with the increasing popularity of animated photos, comes increasingly convenient and advanced apps that allow users to add these effects to photos. There are countless such apps that make it easy for users to add movement and animated effects to photos. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 5 iOS apps you can download on your iPhone to help you add an animated effect to your photos.

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Top 5 Cricket Apps for iPhone Users

Pictured, still image from a cricket match.

With its various forms to suit different sporting interests ranging from longer test matches to shorter T20, cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. Now a sport with widespread international recognition, cricket as a sport has come a long way from its medieval origins. The spirit of sportsmanship and fair play that cricket upholds has led to the monicker of a “gentleman’s game” for cricket. Cricket is a widely beloved game across the globe, and with the rise of technology, it is now easier for fans to keep up with the sport. Be it the latest news, commentary, highlights, real-time updates, curated videos, or new records, cricket apps for iPhone will always keep you updated. Here, we have curated a list of the top 5 apps on iPhone for cricket lovers.

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