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iOS 8 Screenshot Leak, Shows 4 New Apps


Screenshots of Apple’s upcoming update, iOS 8, were leaked on Chinese Twitter equivalent, Weibo. The screenshots show that iOS 8 will be very similar to iOS 7 in terms of visuals and design. The screenshot shows 4 new Apps included by default: Healthbook, TextEdit, Preview, and Tips. Read More

20 iPad Tips – Scroll to Top in Mobile Safari

20 ipad tipsWe are back at it. Here’s another iPad tip that will help you get the most out of your iPad. If you are reading a long page in Safari, and would just like to resume to the top instantly, this tip might help save you a lot of time. Read More

20 iPad Tricks – Soft Reset

ipad trick

While the iPad is extremely prone to freezing, it is still a device and freezes at times. To solve the issue many people love to use the soft reset trick to reboot the device.

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20 iPad Tips – Auto-fill

ipad tips

The iPad completely changes the way we experience the web. While browsing around, you come across many sites that require you to fill in forms. Filling in the same details is a cumbersome task and thus Auto-fill, a great feature available in mobile Safari would come to your rescue.

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20 iPad Tips – Force Close Apps from Multi-tasking

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iOS 4.2 brought a lot of new additions to the iPad including multi-tasking, folders and game center. Multi-tasking has truly revolutionized the iPad and with iOS 4.2, the magical device is much more revolutionary than before.

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20 iPad Tips – Change Notes App Font

notes app

The notes App on iOS is really handy for creating quick notes. With the recent release of iOS 4.2.1, Apple now allows users to change the font of their notes created using the notes application.

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20 iPad Tips – Cancel Backup

ipad backup

Though Steve Jobs believes that iTunes for Windows is like giving a glass of fresh ice water to someone who is in hell and iTunes for Mac is the best possible entertainment solution anyone could ever get, syncing your iOS devices to your PC/Mac can be problematic at times.

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20 iPad Tips – Space Bar Magic

20 ipad tips

The iPad keyboard is almost like a real full size keyboard and as Steve Jobs describes, it is a dream to type on the iPad. We continue to provide you some tips and tricks that would help you be more productive with your iPad and get tasks done efficiently.

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20 iPad Tips – Capturing Screenshots

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Just got an iPad? Are you still amazed by the thinness and the features of this truly magical product? In this new series we will provide some tips that would help you love your iPad even more.

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