Tim Cook Posts Apology Letter For Screwing Up With Apple Maps

Tim Cook today published an official apology letter on Apple.com addressing all Apple customers. Apple has definitely screwed up with Apple Maps and accepting their mistake publicly is an extremely bold move. For the time being, Apple is recommending users to use alternatives available. Here is the official apology letter Tim posted today – Read More

Only Apple (Tim Cook Song) Now Live by iTunedSteveJobs

We at TheAppleGoogle are huge fans of iTunedSteveJobs. The videos coming out from the folks at iTunedSteveJobs is simply incredible. This time, a new video dubbed “Only Apple (Tim Cook Song)” has been made live by the team and yet again they have managed to impress us a hell lot. Check out the video above, and we hope you love it as much as we do. Read More

Tim Cook To Talk About “Exciting New Things” At Meeting [UPDATED]

Apple’s Tim Cook has sent out a mail to all employees asking them to report at the Cupertino Town Hall at 10 A.M to discuss about some “exciting new things”. Just after the iBooks announcement and after the record breaking fiscal quarter, Apple will be holding this meeting. At the earnings call, Tim carefully tackled the question about Apple TV which could mean that it comes under the “exciting new things” category. Read More

iPhone Has Doubled Verizon’s Sales, But Has A Bad Side Too

A recent report from a major telecoms company, Verizon tells us that the iPhone is ‘bittersweet’ for them. This is due to the almost 11 million iPhones that they have sold over the due course of 2011, that’s including the 4.2 million they shifted in the last quarter. While Verizon themselves do admit to be down on their wireless margins, but this is due to the shear amount of iPhones that they have sold.

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Arthur D. Levinson Elected As Apple’s Chairman of the Board

20111116-135657.jpgAs we know, former Chairman of Apple’s Board, Steve Jobs has passed away and a successor to his position has been named. Arthur D. Levingson, Ph. D. has been a co-lead director of Apple’s Board since 2005. He has also served in all three of Apple’s committees within the Board, audit and finance, nominating and corporate governance and compensation. While being at the Chairman position, Levinson will still remain a part of the audit committee, we are yet to find out a reason for this.

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Steve Jobs’ Sister Gives A Eulogy At His Memorial Service

Steve Jobs in a Park
Until the very end of his life, Steve Jobs never stopped being innovative. The ideas that made the company what it is today never stopped flowing through his mind. The touching eulogy that Mona Simpson gave on October 16th at the memorial service for Steve was published in the New York Times yesterday. Read More

Celebration of Steve Jobs’ Amazing Life To Be Held By Apple on Wednesday

steve jobsNext week, a celebration of Steve Jobs’ life will be held by Apple Inc., said Tim Cook in a memo to employees on Monday. The event will be held on Wednesday, 19th October, at an outdoor amphitheater at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino.

Tim Cook also said, 

“Like many of you, I have experienced the saddest days of my lifetime and shed many tears during the past week, and I’ve found comfort in both telling and listening to stories about Steve.”

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