Tim Cook: “We Acknowledge That Our Growth Rate Has Slowed”

Tim CookDuring Apple’s latest earnings call today, Tim Cook said “We acknowledge that our growth rate has slowed.” Apple’s stock has been on the decline constantly and with no new product being launched for so long, it is likely that the stock price will continue to dip. Tim Cook mentioned that Apple has always been successful because of its innovative products. Read More

Apple’s Town Hall Meeting – Tim Cook Talks About Share Price, Android, China and More

Tim CookApple recently held a meeting at the auditorium of De Anza 3 in Cupertino to congratulate employees after reporting “another record-setting quarter”. Tim Cook wanted to basically motivate employees and wanted to provide a whole new source of inspiration. During the meeting, Tim Cook discussed about stocks, Android, retail, China, employee perks and supply chain. Read More

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NBC Rock Center Tim Cook Video Full Interview

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Tim Cook gave an inspirational interview which was recently published on Business Week. The video version of the interview aired at 10PM EST today and the full video is already making its way to YouTube. During the interview, Tim Cook focused on a lot of core subjects and made certain announcements. Read More

Scott Forstall’s New Role

Scott Forstall, former VP of iOS Software Development at Apple was recently ousted from the company after Tim Cook (Apple CEO) decided to do some major reorganization at the top of the company. From Apple’s recent 10-k filing, it appears that Scott Forstall is now a Special Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer. Read More

Tim Cook Posts Apology Letter For Screwing Up With Apple Maps

Tim Cook today published an official apology letter on Apple.com addressing all Apple customers. Apple has definitely screwed up with Apple Maps and accepting their mistake publicly is an extremely bold move. For the time being, Apple is recommending users to use alternatives available. Here is the official apology letter Tim posted today – Read More

Only Apple (Tim Cook Song) Now Live by iTunedSteveJobs

We at TheAppleGoogle are huge fans of iTunedSteveJobs. The videos coming out from the folks at iTunedSteveJobs is simply incredible. This time, a new video dubbed “Only Apple (Tim Cook Song)” has been made live by the team and yet again they have managed to impress us a hell lot. Check out the video above, and we hope you love it as much as we do. Read More