Apple Acquired 15 Companies In 2013

Apple Acquisitions

During today’s earnings call, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced that the company made 15 acquisitions in 2013 out of which 7 were left undiscovered. All acquisitions were from a strategic point of view. Apple only acquires company that have proprietary technology and a great team of people that Apple can use to deploy at their existing or future products. Read More


timcookIs Apple on the right track? Will it keep building higher (or lower) variants of iPhones…….from iPhone 6 to iPhone 40 or will there be something better? Will it respond to its technology hungry fans and gadget devotees by getting something radically different? And if so by when ? The questions are endless ….but at the core of it is one common expectation. That is for Apple to come out with more innovative and radically different products and services ….just like the way it was when Steve Jobs was running the Company.

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Tim Cook Vs Jony Ive – Jony Ive More Popular At WWDC

socialmediaAccording to recent social media data by ViralHeat, Jony Ive is more popular than Tim Cook when compared to social media channels. Even though Jony Ive never took the stage at the conference, his name popped up almost in every Apple conversation on Twitter and Facebook. Sir Jony Ive had 28,377 mentions across Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, while Tim cook was mentioned 20,919 times. Read More

Tim Cook: TV Is Still An Area Of Great Interest To Apple


Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook was on stage today at the D11 conference and when talking about TV and the future of television, Tim Cook kept on focusing on the current Apple TV and being a product driven person, he kept on revealing the numbers relating to the device. Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher were interviewing Tim, and in their usual style, they kept on pressing him to get more details out of the entire idea. Read More

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Person Stole A Credit Card To Bid For Coffee With Tim Cook

Tim CookSomebody so badly wanted to have a cup of coffee with the most powerful man in corporate America, he stole a credit card to bit for the auction over at CharityBuzz. The bid entered using the stolen credit card was confirmed by CharityBuzz and the amount has now been restored to $600,000 from $605,000 which is still double that of current CharityBuzz record holder – former U.S. president, Bill Clinton. Read More

Would You Pay $160,000 to Have Coffee With Tim Cook?

timcookAt first glance maybe you would think this is either a joke or an exaggeration, but it is not. If you want to have coffee with Tim Cook, you can bid at The website places the estimated value of the lot at $160,000 (at the time of this writing). The lot allows the winning bidder to have coffee with Tim Cook along with 30 minutes to an hour of his time at the Apple Cupertino Head Quarters. Travel, hotel and other expenses unfortunately is not covered by the lot and will be shouldered by the winner. The current bid as of writing is already at $160,000.00 with 48 bids already logged, this is amazing considering that there is still 20 days left to bid. Bidding will officially close on May 14, 2013. Read More

Glassdoor Ratings Show Employees Love Tim Cook

Tim Cook and Steve Jobs

Despite past rumors of the removal of Tim Cook from being the Apple CEO and Rocco Pendola calling his hiring ‘Steve Job’s worst decision’, in a recent compilation of survey ratings by Glassdoor, employees gave their CEO Tim Cook a collective 94% rating for being a good leader. Glassdoor is a site where employees from different companies can anonymously rate and post reviews of their companies and the management. Read More