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Temple Run Runs Past the 1 Billion Downloads Milestone

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Who could have imagined Temple Run and Temple Run 2 would get past the 1Billion downloads milestone just three years after the game was first released. Ok, I admit, maybe I’m just old, and running around and using swipes to control my character isn’t my style. I grew up with a Play Station controller. My kids though are another story. They fight over my Android tablet to see who gets to play first and then see who gets the highest score. Even my five year old is getting in on the action. Who can blame them? It’s a way of getting a rush without actually having to leave your chair, and that is the appeal that helped boost the popularity of the game. Read More

50 Million Downloads in Less Than Two Weeks for Temple Run 2

temple run 2Temple Run 2 has smashed all records. The sequel to Temple Run has been to downloaded over 50 million times in less than two weeks. Imangi Studios today announced that this makes Temple Run 2 the fastest downloaded mobile App ever. Read More

Temple Run 2 Downloaded 20 Million Times In Just 4 Days

templerun2Temple Run 2 has been downloaded over 20 million times in just 4 days. Temple Run, the original App to which Temple Run 2 is a sequel has been downloaded over 170 million times till date. The game is yet to hit Android devices, coming on January 24th. Read More

Temple Run 2 Now Available for iOS

Temple Run 2Temple Run 2, the sequel to the popular Temple Run game for iOS which has been downloaded over 170 million times is now live on the Apple App Store. You’ve still got the same objective – keep running, yet this time, the game includes better graphics, new obstacles and powerful power ups. There’s all the jumping, sliding and running too! Read More