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$188 Is What It Takes To Build iPad mini

IHS performed a teardown of the iPad mini to reveal that the device actually costs $188 to build, while Apple starts the pricing from $329. $188 is the cost to build the WiFi 16GB version of the remarkably small iPad mini. The 32GB and 64GB models cost an additional $90 and $162 to build, respectively. Read More

iFixit Rips Apart the New iPad

new ipadiFixit at their very best. The company recently ripped apart the new Apple iPad which went on sale on March 16th. The teardown has revealed that the new retina display on the iPad is produced by Samsung and that getting inside the iPad is really tricky. The folks simply took each part of the gorgeous new device for us to see. Below are the key points noted. Read More

iFixit Reports About the iPad 2 Interiors

iFixit is best known for tearing down electronic devices as soon as they hit the market. The iPad 2 is no exception, and the folks have managed to completely take the parts apart to give us a detailed look at the interiors of the device.

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iFixit Tears New MacBook Pro


The folks at iFixit have got their hands on the new MacBook pro 15 inch and have given the product a repairability score of 7 out of 10. After thoroughly breaking down the device, the team came to the conclusion that Apple has made some good design choices that make the new models more easy to repair.

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Google TV Slightly Better Than Apple TV in Specifications [TEARDOWN]

ifixit google tv

The folks at iFixit got their hands on a Logitech Revue a.k.a Google TV and immediately tore it down. The teardown revealed that the specifications of the Google TV are slightly better than the Apple TV and both are in par with the specifications of netbooks.

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Upgrading MacBook Air Specifications is Tough [TEARDOWN]

macbook air teardown

A recent teardown of the Macbook Air by iFixit revealed that replacement of any of the parts of the device with an off-the-shelf part is nearly impossible due to the ultra thinness of the device. Most components including the RAM are soldered to the logic board, preventing them from being replaced.

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iFixit Tears the Motorola Droid 2

Droid 2

The folks at iFixit have chosen to tear the Motorola Droid 2 this time, the great feature rich phone from Verizon Wireless that runs on Android. They gave the phone the usual iFixit treatment and the results were remarkable.

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