Relativity Wars for iOS and Android – A Brilliant New RTS Game

relativitywarsAfter its success on Xbox, Relativity Wars has launched on iOS and Android. It’s a great new RTS (Real-time strategy) game which obeys Einstein’s theories of relativity. The universe is laid out as a grid which curves around planets and stars, warped by their gravitational force. Battleships have to fly at the speed of light to avoid being pulled in by the planets and to make sure that their passengers don’t age and die before they reach their destination. Space/Time Waves are used as weapons to send a shock wave through the galaxy, destroying everything in its path. And you get to play God. Read More

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Explore New Worlds and Pick Up New Friends in Fable Kingdom HD for iOS (REVIEW)

fablekingdomGame Garden has released another exciting game, Fable Kingdom HD that offers players massive maps, multiple quests, a chance to meet new friends and exciting characters, and build cities. The game is loosely based on their previous release Fairy Farm. Fable Kingdom HD is a fantasy-city-builder game with a classic but still very exciting good versus evil theme. The story revolves around a prince who meets a princess and falls in love. The princess is captured by an evil witch but the prince rescues the princess, unfortunately, he was not able to vanquish the witch and the witch returns to seek revenge. Read More

iUltimate – The Great White Shark Strategy of Apple

Having tasted the iPod, iPhone, iMac and the iPad, Apple fans are now watching with bated breath as to what would be Apple’s next dream product. Professors in Universities are quoting Apple and Steve Jobs in their classes as the new success story. Strategists are wracking their brains as to what would come out next from the stable of the Apple Corporation.

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