Apple’s 5th Avenue New York Flagship Store Closes for Redesign (UPDATED)

applestorenyApple’s flagship store in 5th Avenue, New York is undergoing a design change and will be open to the public again at 10 AM tomorrow with the new design in place. Apple said on the store’s official website

We’ll be closed starting at 10:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 3 and will reopen at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, November 4.

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New Apple Store App Will Change Apple Retail Forever

apple storeApple is set to unveil an all-new version of its Apple Store App for iOS devices that will change the company’s retail operation forever. According to this latest report from BGR, on Thursday, the App will go live and it will bring with it two new remarkable features. The new version will allow users to online order products and pick them up at an Apple retail store to make the entire process faster, and secondly customers will be able to self check out in all Apple Store. Read More

In-Store Pickup Of Online Ordered Apple Products Begins in San Francisco

It has been a while since Apple has been thinking of the idea to allow its customers to make purchases on the online store and pick their device up at their local apple stores, and finally, it is here for users in San Francisco. The program will gradually spread out to the whole of the US in just a matter of a few weeks or months. Read More

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iPhone 4S Lines Really Strong Around the Globe [PICS]

apple storeThis time, it is huge. Apple fans are lining up all around the globe to get their hands on iPhone 4S. Even Woz, Apple’s co-founder is in the line to get the much-anticipated device. People are believing that this is the last product on which Steve Jobs had his gold touch on, and so everyone is just wanting to get the iPhone 4S. We checked the Apple Store in Manchester, and the store just went out-of-stock. No more iPhone 4S available. What is the status about other locations? Let us know. Read More

Apple Store Goes Down for iPhone 4S Launch

apple storeThe online Apple Store has just gone down preparing for the launch of the iPhone 4S. Images on the iPhone 4S were leaked on Apple’s Japan website, and a “Sprint” logo was recently also spotted on the store before it went down. The event is going on at the moment, and Tim Cook is on stage talking about Apple Stores. We will keep you updated. Just keep refreshing. Read More