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Apple To Open First Retail Store in Rio, Brazil Next Year

Apple Store Brazil

After releasing the iPhone 5s and 5c in 35 new countries, with 16 more planned for next week, Apple plans to expand its global reach even further. According to a report from 9to5Mac, which they claim is from a reliable source, the Cupertino company plans on opening an official retail store in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil next year between February and March, though delays can be expected. Read More

Apple Online Store Is Down

Apple Store The Apple online store is down. It could be regular maintenance or the addition of something new. We’ll find out soon.

Apple Opens Tokyo Store Gates Early, Shields People Waiting For iPhones From Hurricane

Apple Tokyo

It seems a mere typhoon (hurricane) warning wasn’t enough to stop Apple fans from waiting outside the Ginza Store in Tokyo, to be the first few to get their hands on the newly released iPhone 5S and 5C. Read More

Apple Could Have 600 Million Users By End Of 2013


By the end of 2013, over 600 million people could be using Apple devices. This is a prediction made by Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Hubert and if correct, this would mean a 60% increase in customers year over year. Apple is still behind Facebook at the moment at 500 million users, but generates the most revenue per users. Read More

Apple Makes $57.60 Off Each Visitor To The Apple Store


Apple now makes a record $57.60 off each visitor who comes to the Apple Store. Apple is now making more money per visitor than ever before. According to some analysis by Horace Dediu at Asymco, the number of visitors to the Apple Store grew by 7% last quarter which resulted in a price point of $57.60 per visitor. Read More

Apple Store Down – Is It Something New Coming Or Just Regular Maintenance?

The Apple online store is currently down featuring the message – “We’ll be back” message in different languages. Could Apple surprise us with something or is it just regular scheduled maintenance? Well, we need to wait and watch.

Update: The store is now back up with an iPad based scrolling section and featuring a better and more advanced search engine. Read More

Kids Get So Excited At The Apple Store That They Simply Pee On The Seats

Black Seat at Apple Store
Well, we all love the Apple Store, its design and the entire essence of it is unlike any other retail store experience. In every Apple store there is a kids section and there are big black balls that act as the seating area for kids. Kids get so excited playing with Apple devices in the store that they pee there and then. Read More

Apple Opening Up Store In Indonesia, Investing $3M

Manhattan Apple StoreApple is investing $3 million and has confirmed that they will be opening up their first retail store and even an online store in Jakarta, Indonesia. The BKPM announced the approval of Apple’s application earlier today and officials report that the company will be investing anywhere between $2 million – $3 million in this new venture. Read More

iPad Mini Event is Today, Apple Store Goes Down

Today at 10:00AM PDT, Apple will be holding their iPad Mini event which will be live streamed on and even on Apple TV under “Apple Events”. The online store is now being updated and is down for maintenance. Read More

Beautiful New Apple Store Coming Soon in Barcelona (PICS)

apple store barcelonaApple will soon be opening up a brand new Apple Store near the center of the city of Barcelona at Plaza Catalunya. The folks at have managed to snap a few incredible pictures of the location. Bearing the pure Apple styled vision of making things visually stunning, this new store is covered with a gorgeous computer printed large sheet which includes broken tiles of the most popular native iPhone Apps. Read More